At Celtic Industrial Tools & Repair, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and high quality of service. Our tech-friendly facility, one of the largest ISO certified tool repair facilities in the world, utilizes a single computer system to oversee all functions of our business.

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Welcome to the new Celtic site

July 09, 2009

This newly redesigned space allows us to keep you better informed with new products and services. The site will be updated frequently with new Products - please check back often, and thank you for visiting!


Celtic Industrial Tools & Repair supplies a wide range of products for any industrial tooling need. From general fabrication, construction, or maintenance tooling to specialized equipment and accessories for heat exchanger applications, Celtic Industrial is able to supply premium products for your application.

Sales and Service

Dedicated to outstanding service, professionalism, and continuous improvement, Celtic Industrial has grown to become one of the largest repair centers of its kind in western Canada.

Every job presents unique challenges, which is why our sales staff provides lasting solutions built on knowledge, education and experience. Our goal is to foster strong relationships with our customers so we can continue to deliver quality products and outstanding service.