VSM STEARATE Plus XK733X Ceramic Belts

VSM STEARATE Plus XK733X Ceramic Belts

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STEARATE Plus XK733X Ceramic Belts
Specifically developed for the requirements of grinding non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, bronze, and copper are demanding materials that tend to clog the abrasive, so that built-up edges are formed. This means that chips are no longer removed. They cake on to the grain tips. As a consequence, the grain is unable to cut and the abrasive becomes unusable.

Available in 036, 040, 060, and 080 grits.

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  • Self-sharpening effect results in an extremely high removal rate thanks to the constant recreation of sharp grain points
  • The STEARATE Plus additional layer considerably reduces chip adhesion and therefore the clogging of abrasive
  • Reduced adhesive swarf extends the service life, resulting in fewer tool changes and therefore increased productivity
  • High wear resistance

 Stearate Plus


Developed for:

Aluminum  NF-Metals  Unalloyed Steel

Also suitable for:

Wood  Composite  Lacquer 


Suitable for:

Long Belt Sanding Centerless Flat Grinding Backstand Robotic Grinding



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