VSM CERAMICS Plus XK880Y Ceramic Belts

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CERAMICS Plus XK880Y Ceramic Belts
Self-sharpening ceramic grain abrasives for high stock removal

Microcrystalline ceramic grain abrasive with a medium-closed coating and optimised self-sharpening effect on a very sturdy polyester cloth backing: achieves maximum stock removal – and therefore cost savings – when grinding high-alloy steels with medium to high contact pressure. The additional TOP SIZE layer improves stock removal while reducing the temperature in the grinding zone.

Narrow 1/2" x 18" and 1" x 21" belts for Belt Files are in stock at Celtic Industrial. Wide belts can be quoted on request.

Available in 020, 024, 036, 040, 060, 080, 100, and 120 grits.

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  • Optimized self-sharpening effect results in high stock removal rates thanks to the constant recreation of sharp grain points
  • Cost-saving when grinding high-alloyed steels thanks to highest possible stock removal rate
  • Extremely long service life
  • High wear resistance
  • Cool grinding and extension of service lives with VSM TOP SIZE additional grinding-active layer

 VSM Top Size


Developed for:

Super Alloy   Stainless Steel   Unalloyed Steel



Suitable for:

 Centerless Flat Grinding Backstand Robotic Grinding



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