VSM Actirox Fibre Discs

VSM Actirox Fibre Discs

  • $3.31 CAD

The latest generation of abrasives for maximum stock removal

Available in 5" and 6" disc sizes, with the following features: 

  • Maximum stock removal per time unit thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grain.
  • Very short processing times and thus lower operating costs thanks to faster grinding compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasives.
  • Cool grinding processes and a very long service life.

The new abrasive technology

VSM ceramic grain abrasives have for many years been synonymous with a long service life: One of the reasons is their unique self-sharpening effect.

VSM ACTIROX is the name of the latest generation of abrasives optimized for efficient stock removal. Thanks to the geometrically shaped abrasive grains, it achieves very aggressive, quick grinding for maximum removal rates.


Contact Us to request a demo. Order in packs of 50.

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