Mirka LEROS 9" 950CV Long Electric Random Orbital Sander MIW95020BAUS

  • $1,471.77 CAD

Lightweight, only 7.7 lbs
The lightest wall and ceiling sander on the market, allowing operators to sand for longer periods and put less strain on their bodies.

To enable efficient dust-free sanding, the shroud has two suction points and a pad that is optimized for ABRANET sanding discs. The operator saves time and money and the working environment is cleaner and healthier.

180° flexible sanding head
The flexible sanding head enables the tool to easily follow the operator's movements and permits the operator to use ergonomic working positions. The flexible head also helps the operator reach the surface from different angles.

5.0 mm random orbital movement
The random orbital movement enables easy handling of the tool and a better finish, with fewer interruptions due to fatigue and less re-work is needed.

Full force system
Due to the lack of springs and brushes, there is no need to press the tool against the wall when sanding with Mirka LEROS. Instead, the complete force is transferred to the sanding process.

Brushless motor
The brushless motor reduces the weight of the tool significantly and less maintenance is required.

Common Accessories

Backup Pad
919GV Backup Pad 9" Grip for Mirka LEROS
Interface Pad
9199 Interface Pad 9" x 3mm Thick Grip Faced 25H
Protector Pad
9999 Protector Pad 9" Grip Faced Multi-Hole
Abranet ACE HD
9" Mesh Grip Sheets
For aggressive material removal
Available in P40, P60, P80, P120
9" Mesh Grip Sheets
Available in P80, P100, P120, P150, P180, P220, P240, P320, P400

Technical Data

Technical specifications Mirka LEROS 950CV
Power input 350 W
Speed 4,000 - 8,000 rpm
Orbit 5.0 mm
Noise level LpA 84 dB
Vibration level 2.5 m/s²
Weight 7.7 lbs
Size of pad 9"


Mirka LEROS Brochure


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