Hydrex Hydraulic Expansion System

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Hydraulic expansion is best suited for the expansion of welded tubes for the fixing of the tube in the tube sheet hole, thanks to its exceptionally fast "single pass" execution, especially for expansion lengths exceeding 4" (100mm) where it replaces traditional expansion.

The Hydrex 5003 is the fourth generation of Maus Italia's hydraulic expansion technology, designed for the increasingly stringent specification design in the petrochemical industry.

An evolution of the preceding model, the Hydrex 5003 features:

  • Very high pressure max 5000 bar
  • Continuous control of very high pressure with digital programming
  • A new lightweight model of probe holder fitted with a highly ergonomic handle
  • Updating of the mechanics and electronics which makes it easy to use and flexible
  • New software that allows you to export/print various work reports

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