Double Chain Clamp

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B&B Double Chain Clamps can align and reform pipe and vessels up to 20′ in diameter and up to schedule 80 thickness. Heavy-duty jack bars have three alignment screws and each clamp has 2 tightening devices to adequately tighten and reform rounds into desired position. All clamps are shipped in a metal storage and transport gang box free of charge, protecting the clamp and allowing years of use. The B&B Double Chain Clamps are available as stainless steel models with stainless steel contact points and chain to enable the welding of exotic material with no risk of contamination.


  • Precision Alignment – The double jack bars, spaced around the outside diameter of the pipe, provide accurate alignment and reforming of the internal or external diameters of both pipes.
  • Extremely Tough – Reforms pipes on both sides of the weld joint to schedule 80, and aligns all wall schedules, elbows, tees and other fittings.
  • Adaptable – The chain clamp can be used to support, align and reform elbow, tees and other fittings that cage clamps cannot. One chain clamp covers the range of numerous cage clamps.
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Independent Jack Bars – Enables the operator to form the pipe to the required shape. Each jack screw has independently pivoting feet to cope with uneven surfaces. 


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