Mathey Dearman Motorized Saddle Machines

Want the easiest way to get a perfect cut every time? Motorized Saddle Machines from Mathey Dearman are precise and fast, delivering smooth cuts requiring little or even no grinding. Both experienced and inexperienced welders can benefit from the increased productivity (up to 5 times quicker!) and cut quality of Motorized Saddle Machines compared to traditional hand-cutting or manual machines. Motorized Saddle Machines are available for pipe sizes 1 ½” – 48” (38 – 1219 mm) and can operate at increased cutting speeds to use powerful plasma torches.


  • PORTABLE—The light compact unit is an excellent tool for shop or field applications.
  • ACCURATE—Precision spacer bolts, located on both sides of saddle, provide stability and accuracy that result in high-quality cuts every time.
  • EASY SET-UP—Requires little to no operator training to set up and achieve an accurate cut.
  • PROVEN—The saddle, ring gear and cap ring are made of an aluminum alloy and hard-coat anodized to create a tough bearing surface for years of accurate cutting  and beveling.
  • ADAPTABLE—Can be used with most oxy/fuel or plasma machine torches with a 1 3/8" (35 mm) barrel diameter.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Mathey saddle machines have been working in the harshest environments on earth  for more than 80 years.
  • Up to 80% FASTER than hand cutting and grinding.

Saddle Machine Includes:

  • 115 / 230 VAC Motorized Saddle Machine with PlasmaSpeed digital control
  • Torch arm
  • Torch carrier assembly – Secures 1-3/8” (35mm) torch and allows cutting angle adjustment
  • Spacer bolts or step spacers required to mount the machine to different pipe sizes
  • Parts and operating manual

Not Included:

  • Machine cutting torch
  • Storage Box

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